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Family Birth Center virtual tour

Going to the Family Birth Center

When you think you are in labor, call your provider first. He or she will advise you on whether or not you should go to the hospital.

When you arrive, you can park in the garage or in the temporary parking spots to the east of Building D.

For the security of our patients, Building D is locked after 9 p.m. If you arrive in labor after 9 p.m., use the emergency room entrance in Building A. Check in at the emergency room desk and someone will escort you to the Family Birth Center.

Labor and delivery features

We care about your comfort and your personal needs!

Our labor rooms are spacious and able to accommodate both hospital staff and guests.

Call your nurse and control the TV with one simple remote. Every room has a TV with cable and a DVD player.

There are plenty of outlets for phone chargers, camera chargers, portable speakers—basically anything you might need to feel at home and as comfortable as possible.

The bathrooms are large. There is enough room for a support person or nurse to bring a chair into the bathroom to help the laboring mother.

We have Jacuzzi tubs to use during labor, however, we currently do not offer water birth.

The Family Birth Center provides birth balls and other birthing aides for use during labor. You may also request relaxing essential oils.

We provide wireless monitors for mom and baby, so you can walk around your room or even the hospital halls while your medical team keeps an eye on your baby's heart beat and your contractions.

After the birth

For the first hour after delivery, we try to provide uninterrupted time for mom, her partner and baby to bond. We leave the baby skin-to-skin with mom unless there is a medical reason to do otherwise.

As long as both of you are stable after the birth, the two of you will move to the mother-baby unit for the remainder of your stay. The baby can stay in the room with you. Having your baby in the room provides you the opportunity to become more comfortable and confident in your ability to care for your newborn. 

Mother-baby suites feature a private bathroom and shower, sleeper couch, rocker glider and crib for baby. Your main support person is welcome to stay the night with you on the sleeper couch—pillows and blankets provided. We encourage you to rest and relax as much as possible during your stay.

Meals are included in your stay at the Family Birth Center. Leave the cooking to us!

For security and identification, babies wear a special bracelet and tag for as long as they are in the hospital.