Prenatal appointment schedule

Pregnant patients visit their provider or midwife often. Typically, patients will have between 10 to 15 appointments during their pregnancy. If you have a partner or labor coach, you may want that person to accompany you to those appointments.


Generally, expectant patients visit their OB/GYN or midwife every four weeks during the first and second trimesters. You’ll be seen more often during your third trimester, typically once every two weeks until you reach the 36 weeks of pregnancy, then weekly until your baby is born.

However, depending on your medical history and whether you have a condition that develops during your pregnancy, you may have more frequent prenatal visits. 

First trimester (PDF)

First trimester to-do list

☐ Make an appointment for a clinical pregnancy test.
☐ Start taking prenatal vitamins.
☐ Find out what your health insurance covers as far as prenatal care and delivery costs.
☐ Choose a provider.
☐ Make a prenatal appointment.
☐ Quit smoking.
☐ Stop drinking alcohol and significantly cut down on your caffeine consumption.
☐ Avoid harmful foods.
☐ Stock your kitchen with healthy food.
☐ Go to bed early in order to get plenty of sleep.
☐ Consider your options for prenatal testing.
☐ Think about how and when you will announce your pregnancy.
☐ Start a baby name list.

Second trimester (PDF)

Second trimester to-do list

☐ Ask your provider for a schedule of second-trimester prenatal visits and tests.
☐ Get ready to see or hear your baby for the first time.
☐ Talk to your partner about parenting.
☐ Make a baby budget.
☐ Find a prenatal exercise class.
☐ Start shopping for maternity clothes.
☐ Start moisturizing your belly.
☐ Narrow your baby names list.
☐ Decide whether you’ll find out the sex of your baby.
☐ Consider taking a birthing class.
☐ Tour your hospital birth center.
☐ Start sleeping on your side.
☐ Create a baby registry.
☐ Think about your maternity leave.
☐ Consider planning a babymoon.
☐ Start thinking about your baby shower.
☐ Avoid unsafe activities.
☐ Write a letter to your baby.
☐ Dedicate time to your partner.

Third trimester (PDF)

Third trimester to-do list

☐ Learn about third-trimester prenatal visits and tests.
☐ Keep track of your baby’s movements.
☐ Prepare for breastfeeding.
☐ Choose a pediatrician for your baby.
☐ Assemble your baby gear.
☐ Talk to your baby.
☐ Learn about coping with labor pain.
☐ Know the signs of labor.
☐ Have a room ready for when you take the baby home.
☐ Wash your baby’s clothing and bedding.
☐ Start lining up helpers.
☐ Read up on baby care.
☐ Pack your bag for the hospital.
☐ Have your house cleaned.
☐ Stock up on household supplies.
☐ Make food for after your baby’s born.
☐ Make a plan for when labor starts.
Make sure you allow time to relax.