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Emergency symptoms in pregnancy

If you have any of the following symptoms during or after pregnancy, contact your health provider or the Salem Health Midwives and OB/GYN clinic and get help right away. Our on-call providers can be reached at 503-814-4480. If you can’t reach your provider, go to Salem Health’s emergency room. Remember to say that you’re pregnant or have been pregnant within the last year.

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Urgent symptoms

Vaginal bleeding
Severe nausea or vomiting
Decreased movements of the baby
Severe abdominal pain
Suspected ruptured membrane
Other urgent signs

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Call 911 if you have...


Seizures can occur when you experience hypertension or pre-eclampsia while pregnant. Seizures also tend to be more common for pregnant women who have type 1 diabetes and have developed hypoglycemia.


You can experience shock through internal blood loss or by any condition that results in heavy bleeding. Symptoms include low blood pressure, feeling faint, cold and clammy hands, pale skin and sudden weakness. In such a situation, call 911 immediately.