Diabetes and pregnancy

Learning you have gestational diabetes can be difficult. You will likely have many questions. Salem Health's Diabetes and Nutrition Center offers education on how to manage gestational diabetes.  Initially, you will be offered appointments with a registered nurse diabetes specialist and a registered dietitian with experience in diabetes and nutrition for pregnancy.
A registered nurse will help you understand gestational diabetes, the risk to you and your and baby, how to check your blood sugar and how to reduce your risk for diabetes in the future.

A registered dietitian will meet with you to develop an eating plan that will ensure good nutrition for you and your baby as well review appropriate weight gain during your pregnancy while keeping your blood sugar within goal.

Pregnant woman with diabetes eating food

Follow-up appointments with staff as needed throughout your pregnancy are available.

After your baby is born, you may be interested in an individual appointment with a registered dietitian to learn how you can reduce your risk of diabetes in the future, how to lose any extra weight you gained during pregnancy, and how to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

A physician's referral is required for services. Call 503-814-6990 for more information.


Diabetes and Nutrition Center