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Palliative care


When you’re facing a serious illness, our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and chaplains will help you understand the choices ahead.

Your history, values, preferences and needs are all equally important when deciding how to treat your medical condition. We’ll help you understand how they relate to your treatment options, the resources you need to leave the hospital, and getting things organized at home.



The palliative care team offers comfort by:

  • Managing physical and emotional symptoms caused by disease or therapy
  • Helping families have difficult and necessary conversations
  • Coordinating communication with members of your care team, including your family

We will keep supporting you regardless of where you move within the hospital or whether you return to the hospital in the future.

Some patients may choose to move from palliative care to hospice care, but most leave the hospital feeling well enough to live their lives and pursue additional therapies as needed.