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Care during delivery

We understand that there are as many different birth scenarios as there are mothers and babies, so we want to make you sure you’re given the care that is right for you. It is important to us that you are comfortable with the entire process, from planning your deliveries through follow-up care after the birth.

There are countless books and web pages that can walk you through the process of having a baby, but not every hospital approaches the labor and delivery process in the same way.

What you can expect from us

At the Salem Health Family Birth Center, we feel it’s an absolute privilege to care for the moms and dads who choose us to be part of such an exciting time in their lives. Whether this is your first baby or another happy addition to your family, we are here to make sure your baby’s birth is safe and memorable for all the right reasons.

Your family’s wishes, knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural background are incorporated into the planning and delivery of care in our birthing center. We will do our best to accommodate your birth plan. There are times when we have to make adjustments based on the clinical situation; staff will be able to explain when and why we need to make changes if the situation called for it. We are committed to keeping our patients informed while they are in the hospital.

We care about your comfort and your personal needs. A member of our team will visit you every hour during the day – every two hours at night – to check on your comfort and pain management, position, need for personal items, and bathroom needs. Our frequent rounding helps us anticipate your needs and keep you as comfortable as possible. There will also be a nurse leader who will check on you once a day. This will be your opportunity to let us know things that are going really well or to discuss any concerns you may have about your stay. 

Skin-to-skin bonding time

For the first hour after delivery, we try to provide uninterrupted time for mom, her partner and baby to bond. We leave the baby skin to skin unless medically indicated to take the baby to the warmer. We provide care for mom and baby in the same room to encourage bonding.

We have Quiet Time for family bonding each day from 2 to 4 p.m. Nursing staff will still perform required assessments during this time. We have signs posted which state “During quiet time, visitors may be asked to return after 4 p.m. Thank you for respecting mom’s time to bond with baby.” You can still have visitors during this time, if you wish – it’s up to you.

Baby screenings

After your labor, the nursing staff will be closely observing you and your baby to make sure you are both doing well while in the hospital. In addition, your baby will be checked every day and will receive the screenings and vaccines while in the hospital.

Pictures and videos

While cameras are welcome in the Family Birth Center, we do have a few guidelines we ask visitors to follow. Also, Salem Health partners with a newborn photography service as a courtesy to our patients.

If you have a cesarean section

If a cesarean birth is needed, two fully equipped surgical suites are located on the third floor and close by the birthing suites. Anesthesiologists are available 24 hours a day. In most cases, your main support person may accompany you during your cesarean birth and to the recovery room.