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Just for dads

About to become a dad? Along with your pregnant partner, you are probably experiencing a certain amount of anxiety mixed with excitement. Like mom, most dads need to know how to prepare for the baby that will be arriving soon. At Salem Health Community Health Education Center, we offer classes for expectant dads or dads with young children, including our “Boot Camp for New Dads” class.

Pregnancy symptoms?

Believe it or not, even dads experience pregnancy symptoms. Whether you find yourself suddenly needing a midnight snack whenever your pregnant partner does or you’re feeling nauseous in the morning, dads tend to show signs that they, too, are preparing for something life-changing.

A common symptom for expecting dads is having feelings of anxiety over all the responsibilities and financial commitments that come with being a parent. Don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. It means that you’ve gone into preparation mode. The best thing you can do is be as involved in the pregnancy as possible, since open and honest communication will help you both relax and know what needs to be done.