Nursing research at Salem Health

Evidence-based Practice/Research Vision

  • Evidence drives practice
  • Our Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Council serves as a bridge between the evidence and implementation at the point of care
  • Clinicians are supported and developed in applying the integrated EBP Lean model with their colleagues
  • Practice is continuously updated based on the best available evidence
  • When no evidence is available, research or quality improvement (QI) is conducted when knowledge is needed for practice
  • Clinicians share learnings across the organization, adapting best practices at the unit level (Yoketan) when applicable
  • Clinicians disseminate the results of Lean/QI, EBP and research projects in oral and poster presentations and through publications in peer-reviewed journals

Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice

At Salem Health we have adopted the Iowa Model of Evidence-based Practice to guide our clinical inquiry. As depicted on the diagram of the model, once a topic is vetted a priority for a team, relevant literature is critiqued. When sufficient high level evidence is available, the change in practice is piloted through our integrated EBP/Lean model. The purpose of these pilots is to ensure the same outcomes are realized for our patients that were systematically found in the research. In contrast, if our critical appraisal of the literature does not uncover sufficient evidence to guide practice, we encourage teams to base practice decisions on other types of evidence, or to conduct unit-based research to generate new evidence to inform our practice. 

Algorithm chart

Current research

 Nursing research study title  Study status Date study completed
Supine Cycling (IRB #2108-15) Complete 9/17
Evaluation of the Impact of EBP Education: Development of a Modified Fresno Test for Acute Care Nursing Complete 6/17
Effect of Vapocoolant Spray on Pain associated with Peripheral IV Insertion (IRB #2112-15) Complete 4/17
Blood Sampling via Peripheral Intravenous Catheters versus Venipuncture: Reliability of Lab Values and Experience of Pain in Pediatric Patients (IRB #2118-16) Ongoing
Medic IVs: Impact of Changing per Clinical Indication Complete 7/17
Emerging Infections Program Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Use Prevalence Survey (IRB #2106-15) Ongoing
Examining the Effectiveness of an Obesity Sensitivity Training Intervention (IRB #2113-16) Ongoing
NICU Study with U PENN (IRB #)
Targeted Temperature Management and Outcomes at Salem Health Ongoing