ATTENTION: No one may enter a Salem Health clinic or hospital if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. This includes staff. Anyone entering a Salem Health facility must wear a facial mask at all times. If you are experiencing symptoms, call our COVID-19 triage line at 503-814-0099 before seeking care.
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Gateway to heart services

The Salem Health Heart and Vascular Center provides state-of-the-art care right here in Salem, from diagnosis through rehabilitation. We provide comprehensive treatment for irregular heart rhythms, blockages in the heart, diseased/damaged heart valves, peripheral vascular disease and more.

Explore what we offer and how we network with local heart specialists and tap into the latest advancements from research and clinical trials.

Frequently asked questions

Find out who sees patients in Dallas for follow-up heart appointments.

Heart and Vascular Center

Learn how we collaborate with local cardiologists through a clinical integration network.

Clinical research

Because we participate in clinical research (also known as clinical trials), we can offer patients within our community cutting-edge procedures and treatment options that otherwise would not be available locally.


Get contact information and locations with directions to our center on the Salem Hospital campus in Salem.


The WATCHMAN device for A-fib patients

The WATCHMAN implant is an alternative to blood thinners for patients with atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem — the most common type of a-fib.

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