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Growing with you in mind

Building now to prepare for the future

Salem Health has served the community since 1896 and we plan to continue providing the right care well into the future. Our community’s needs are growing. We want to be ready to meet that need. Here’s why we’re expanding:

  • Our region’s population will increase by 30% over the next 20 years.
  • The number of 60- to 80-year-olds, our seniors and people with complex health needs, is expected to grow by more than 50%.
  • Salem Health already runs near capacity, especially during flu season.
  • With one of the busiest hospitals on the west coast, we want patients and their loved ones to be able to easily find the services they need.


What you can expect to see in 2020

We’re expanding on the east side of Building A. This will help minimize the impact of construction on our neighbors. The new building will add 150 beds to our campus. We’re also redesigning walkways and driveways so it’s easier to get to the parking garage and the ER. Once construction is complete, we’ll begin seeing patients in the new building in July 2022.

Select the Parking tab above to learn about parking during our campus improvements.

Parking at Salem Hospital

Are you driving yourself or a loved one to Salem Hospital? Please be aware of some changes that might affect how you get to your appointment.

Emergency room — Building A

Once you’re on campus, follow signs to the emergency room.
  • If you’re coming from Mission Street, use Capitol Street or University Street.
  • If you’re coming from 12th Street, use Oak Street or Leslie Street.

Proceed to the Oak Street turnaround security booth. You will be directed to the new temporary entrance and your vehicle will be valeted at no cost.

From the entrance, look for signs to direct you to the emergency department check-in. There will also be staff on hand ready to assist.

If you prefer to park your own vehicle and/or do not need assistance, follow the "Building A" instructions below.


Building A

Lab/imaging appointment or visiting a patient

If you are coming to Building A for lab or imaging, or to visit a patient, park in the Capitol Street parking garage. Follow signs on the first floor next to the elevator to enter the building.


Building B

1. Visiting a patient

If you are coming to Building B to visit a patient, park in the Capitol Street parking garage. Follow signs on the first floor next to the elevator to enter Building A. Turn right once you enter and left once you reach the lobby. Take the escalators or elevator to the sky bridge. Proceed to Building B.


2. Clinic appointments

If you are coming to Building B for a clinic appointment, park in the north parking lot on Winter Street (closest to Pringle Parkway).


Building C

Medical offices, cancer institute, pharmacy

If you have a scheduled appointment in Building C, enter the Building C parking garage on Winter Street. A free valet service will park your vehicle and you can proceed inside for your appointment.


Building D

1. Visiting a patient, attending Community Health Education Center class, Inpatient care

Park in the Capitol Street parking garage. Follow the signs on the first floor next to the elevator to enter Building A. Turn right once you enter and exit the lobby to the outside. Cross the crosswalk and enter Building D.


1. Having a baby — business hours

Park in the Capitol Street parking garage. Follow the signs to the elevator to enter Building A and walk through the lobby and across to the Building D entrance. Proceed to the third floor lobby for registration.


2. Having a baby — after hours or drop off

Follow the "emergency" signs through campus to the security booth and let them know you're there to deliver. A nurse will come down to meet you in the turnaround area. Your car will be valeted at no cost.


3. Picking up a Building D patient

Patients being discharged from Building D may be picked up in the Building D turnaround.


Building M

Outpatient rehab

Parking at Building M is available directly behind the building. ADA parking is available in front of the building.


January 2020

Construction began in January 2020 with the demolition of the east parking area. Throughout the spring, the ground was leveled, foundation poured and infrastructure placed.

Demolition of the emergency department's parking lot
The construction site after most of the goundwork was complete.

June 2020

Steel structural work began in June 2020. The tower takes up the north side of the construction site. The covered drive aisle to the emergency room takes up the south side.

Beginning to build the steel framework for the Building A expansion
Top view of construction site
The drive aisle for the emergency department

August 2020

The structure of the building was completed in August 2020. Crews then began pouring concrete and installing infrastructure between each floor of the building.

The steel framework of the Building A expansion
View of the steel structure
Building A expansion — steel structure complete

Summer 2022

When construction is complete, there will be a new inpatient tower and a renovated entrance to the emergency room, including access to parking.

Rendering of the Building A expansion

Contact us

We want to hear from you! If you have questions or concerns about the campus expansion project, use the information below to get in touch with us.

Salem Health Community Relations
P.O. Box 14001 | Salem, OR, 97309