What do volunteers do?

We all have life experiences we can use to uplift and care for others. Becoming a Salem Health volunteer is a great way to connect to people who need you.

We can find a place for you whether you’re a teenager or senior citizen. All are welcome, regardless of ability, sex, age, race or background. We embrace all cultures in our volunteers and staff because we serve all cultures in our hospitals.

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Volunteer job descriptions

Some volunteers love organizing, so they do paperwork while others serve coffee and deliver flowers. Some help with medical charts and records. Others transport patients or help visitors find their way—or a place to park. 


If you’re unable to volunteer with us, but you still want to make a difference for our patients, consider making or purchasing items to donate. If you knit or sew, we want your help!

Projects committee

If fundraising interests you, consider joining the projects committee. Their major focus is hosting sales to fund scholarships for staff and community members pursuing health care careers.


Where help is most needed

We keep an up-to-the-minute list of areas that most need volunteers. Click below to see the most recent update.