Mentors: Patients helping patients

Patients who have been seen by one of our surgeons and who would like guidance from someone who has been in their shoes can request a mentor. A mentor is one of our patients who:

  • Is at least one year postsurgery.

  • Is trained as a Salem Health volunteer.

  • Wants to help others achieve the same success they enjoy.

Mentors can provide tips and support, answer your questions, and refer you to other resources, including those in our program. This kind of support has been shown to make the transition to a new lifestyle easier.

Once you are assigned a mentor, the two of you will decide how to contact each other and how often you want to be in touch. You may work out together, share recipes, and cheer each other on — whatever type or amount of support you need to be successful.

If you would like a mentor, please fill out the form below and press the "submit" button. You will be contacted within three weeks.

Mentor guidelines

  1. You, your mentor or Salem Hospital may terminate the mentor relationship at any time.
  2. When your request is received, the Bariatric Surgery Center will contact a mentor for you. Your first contact from your mentor will be by email. The Bariatric Surgery Center is only responsible for initiating the first contact. After that, you and your mentor decide together how and when to be in touch and any other aspects related to the mentor program.
  3. Salem Hospital is not responsible for any miscommunication or misperception of information between the patient and the mentor.
  4. This program is not meant to replace regular medical care. Mentoring strictly excludes giving any medical advice.
  5. There is no financial or any other compensation provided to the mentors for their participation in the program and no charge to the patients for this service.

Success stories

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