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Can I afford it?

Let’s start this conversation by acknowledging you’ll be making a major financial investment in getting healthy. This could be the biggest life change you’ve ever made.

Gastric bypass surgery at Salem Hospital costs about $32,000. You’ll find our prices very competitive for what we offer — before, during and after surgery. 

Everyone is unique, with different insurance coverage and ability to pay. We don’t want anything to get in your way, so we're happy to help with anything from arranging a payment plan to calling your insurance company.

Speaking of insurance...

Will insurance cover my surgery?

The good news is that more plans than ever before are covering bariatric surgery.

All we require is that you call your company and ask for information about coverage. Once you have that, we can help you review the documents to understand how much you may be expected to pay out of pocket and whether your insurance has special requirements you need to meet before they'll pay.

For example, many insurance companies ask that you:

  • Provide several months of documented diet history.
  • Visit with a nutritionist and a mental health professional before going forward with surgery.

Let us help you

Our staff work directly with you to suggest finance and payment options and help you fill out all the insurance forms you need. If you have questions or need help, call us directly at 503-814-5286 and ask for our insurance specialist, Angela Coughran.