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Stroke rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke and the resulting disability. Your doctor and care team will work with you and your family to develop recommendations for your stroke rehabilitation. We encourage you to form a support network, including family, friends and neighbors to help in your rehabilitation. The level of the disability will determine the level of care that is required.

Comprehensive rehabilitation

If your stroke is severe, once you are stable your physician may recommend comprehensive rehabilitation as an inpatient at Salem Health. To participate in comprehensive rehabilitation, patients show signs of progress and an ability to participate in lengthier therapy sessions. Your recovery team may include:

  • A physiatrist – a physician who specializes in rehabilitation
  • Nurses and care managers
  • Therapists
  • Clinical social workers
  • Social services
  • Dietitians



Until the extent of your stroke is known, you will probably be kept in the hospital. A physician may order physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy evaluations and in-hospital rehabilitation may start depending on your condition.

Long-term care

If it is not possible for you to participate in multiple hours of rehabilitation activity on a daily basis and progress in your ability to function, or if you have significant physical disabilities that you and family members cannot handle at home, another facility may be recommended such as a sub-acute care facility or a long-term care facility.

Home therapy

If you are able to live at home, but still require a little care, a home health agency can send a nurse or therapist to your home. You may be given exercises to do at home that will help you re-learn essential tasks for independent living.

Outpatient therapies

If you are able to drive or have transportation, you can come to the Salem Hospital Regional Rehabilitation Center for outpatient therapies, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy