Work Injury Management: For employers, physicians and insurers

The Work Injury Management program at the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center exclusively treats injured workers. We problem-solve critical job demands with each worker, give expert feedback on body mechanics/techniques, and address the pace of their work. We have extensive experience helping people recovering from injuries to make the shift between a medical patient’s mindset back to a worker’s mindset.

For you, we provide functional progress notes—information helpful for updating a work release and facilitate claim closure.

If you are a referring physician

Our contemporary, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation means you can trust us to provide the best possible outcomes. We offer:

  • Appointments within three business days of referral. 
  • Formal work conditioning program
  • Therapists available for phone consultations with physicians upon request. 
  • Regularly printed therapy progress updates and reports. 
  • Claims management services, including physical and work capacity evaluations, and closing measures, per state and American Medical Association guidelines. 

Work conditioning

Do you have an injured worker who:

  • Has a significant gap in their current physical capacities and full-duty job description?
  • Has demonstrated a plateau in progress with traditional therapy?
  • May not be prepared to safely return to work full duty?
  • Has a high risk of re-injury?   
  • Has been out of work for an extended period of time or is unable to return to work?

Our intensive, goal-oriented, physical and work-specific conditioning programs are designed to close the gap between an injured worker’s current physical capacity and the physical capacity needed to return to work. Injured workers are still able to work while participating our scheduled program up to two hours per day, five days a week.

Physical and work capacity evaluations

The Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) define three different types of evaluations to assist physicians with necessary data to close a claim.  

Includes (per OARs 436-009-0060) Physical Capacity Evaluation Level I (30-60 mins.)  Physical Capacity Evaluation Level II (2+ Hours) Work Capacity Evaluation (4+ hours)
Musculoskeletal - Active Range of Motion, Strength, and Sensation x  x  x
Basic Validity statement for the purpose of rating impairment x  x  
Residual Functional Capacities    x  x
Job Analysis & Matching      x
Ability to perform essential job functions based on job analysis      x
Validity testing and discussion to substantiate inconsistencies if found      x
Describes amount of effort put forward during the test    x  x
Information regarding the reliability of the individual's subjective reports of pain and disability    x  x
Overall Level of Work      x
Response to referral questions      x

All Physical and work capacity evaluations performed using software developed by ErgoScience™-Ergoscience uses a proprietary scoring system, validated through peer reviewed research and defensible in court to predict the overall level of work for work (functional) capacity evaluations. All work injury therapists are Ergoscience certified.

Work Injury Management