In-hospital rehabilitation

With your doctor's approval, physical therapy and rehabilitation begin the same day as surgery.

Most patients who have total hip replacement surgery are ready to start walking with assistance the day of surgery.

It is likely that you will use a walker or crutches, but you should attempt to put weight on the joint if you can tolerate it.

While recovering at Salem Health, you will participate in individual and group physical and occupational therapies.

Your physical therapist will begin by guiding you through the exercises you learned at your preoperative education class.

These exercises help increase strength and flexibility in the joint.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to perform everyday life activities, like walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of a bed.

Our gym provides a fun place to master skill such as walking on slopes or going up and down stairs.  Group physical and occupational therapy sessions in the gym introduce patients to simulated activities such as hiking on Mt. Hood, fishing, golfing and other activities.

For more information about the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center and our joint replacement rehabilitation program, call 503-561-5986.

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