Meet our team

The program is a team effort focused specifically on you.

Each one of our team members is specially trained to help ensure a safe and successful recovery. Here's a handy list of who's who.

Here are a few team members you’ll meet during your stay at the Joint Replacement Center of Excellence at Salem Health:


Matthew Budge, MD

“Allowing them to have all the information is the most important thing that we can do for our patients. A patient feeling empowered to be able to make their own decisions is very important.” [View video]


John Coen, MD

“I originally got interested in orthopedics as a medical student, quite frankly because the orthopedic surgeons seemed to be the happiest people in the hospital.” [View video]


Mark Dolan, MD

"To be able to take away that pain, to restore that function is definitely the most rewarding thing about my job, and it's the reason I love going to work every day." [View video]


Michael Hahn, MD

Dr. Michael Hahn is an orthopedic surgeon with Kaiser Permanente, and he collaborates with Salem Health's Joint Replacement Center of Excellence. [View video]


Dan Sewell, MD

“What I try to do is to be a good, active listener to my patients. I am going to do my absolute best to give them the best possible outcome I can.” [View video]


Stephen Yao, MD

“I love to get hugs from patients in the office. You can see it in their eyes when they say, ‘I can’t tell you enough how much you have impacted the quality of my life.’” [View video]


Robert Zirschky, MD

“Connecting person to person is really important to me. The connection we have as physician and patient is a human relationship, as opposed to a clinical one.” [View video]


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