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We all deserve care with respect.

At Salem Health, we strive to help people in our community to live their best, healthiest lives. And while that life looks a little different for everyone, we all deserve Care with Respect. The mid-valley is diverse and growing, and we’re showcasing some of the faces who call it home!





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In a valley known for its colorful flower farms, Christopher’s family makes a point of using eco-friendly techniques to preserve our region’s natural beauty and vitality for generations to come.

At Salem Health, we’re also invested in the future well-being of our region, which is why we provide community grants to organizations that share our values and make a difference in people’s lives.





As a longtime vendor at Salem Hospital’s Monday Market, Natalia makes the week start out sweeter for doctors, nurses and staff. In turn, they can deliver a healthy blend of respect and empowerment when working together with patients, visitors and each other.

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Christi opened her Salem hair salon in 2016. As a business owner, she’s passionate about helping her customers feel confident caring for their hair. It is our honor to serve integral community members like Christi, helping them feel confident about their health.





The activities Jonathan, Bryan, and their son, Kayden, enjoy together keep them feeling healthy, but there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to wellness. With Salem Health, they can be confident that their family will receive respectful care, tailor-made for their family’s needs.

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"Enjoy life in good company."

You can always find the Tapia family gathered around delicious food and vibrant conversations. Whether it's with family or close friends, they love celebrating meaningful moments in life together — which is why they rely on local and personalized care in Salem, so they can continue living a long and healthy life together, in good company.





Just like the Donaldson family, Salem Health has been calling Polk County home for a long time. Yes, we’ve grown and changed, but then, so have they. As their boys grow up and the family’s needs change, we’ll still be there, providing personalized, respectful care for the long haul.

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Jason may not be a Salem native, but as president and team market owner of the Salem Capitals basketball team, he’s made a commitment to being part of our community — just like Salem Health. No matter what comes next for Jason, he can count on excellent health care right here in Salem.