Quit smocking

Want to stop smoking?

Quitting smoking and other nicotine products like chewing tobacco is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family to live a healthier life. Check your health insurance; some policies help cover smoking cessation programs.

Classes to help you quit

Contact the Community Health Education Center (CHEC) at 503-814-CHEC (2432) about the Freedom From Smoking® classes happening at Salem Health. They are offered a few times a year, so if there isn't one currently running, there should be one coming up soon!

  • This American Lung Association program is the gold standard to help tobacco users quit. 

  • Each of the eight sessions are two hours and cover a wide variety of information needed to prepare to quit using tobacco. A person can still be smoking or using tobacco when starting the classes. 

  • Mid-series, the skilled facilitator works with the group to set a quit date and everyone quits together when possible. The support and education from this program results in high quit rates. You too can quit!    

  • Freedom from Smoking is now free and includes 16 hours of education in a series. Call the CHEC for details at 503-814-CHEC (2432).

Prefer an online class?

The American Lung Association also offers its Freedom From Smoking® course online.

Consider enrolling in the “Premium package” that is a three month commitment to stay with the online group and counselor for only $15;  that’s only $5 a month for support needed to change the triggers and habits that often go with becoming an ex-tobacco user.

What about E-cigarettes?

Read our guide about why smokeless does not mean harmless.