Meeting spaces

Meeting spaces

CHEC meeting rooms are open to local, nonprofit, health-related groups at no charge.

In addition to the Gerlinger Support Group Room and the Green Education Classrooms we have space available in the Gehlar Wellness Kitchen. The CHEC currently has four consult rooms for outpatient diabetes and other educational needs. The Pierce Resource Center is a great place for informal and small group gatherings.

To check whether space might be available for your group call us at 503-814-CHEC (503-814-2432) during normal business hours.

CHEC Support Group Room
Gerlinger Support Group Room

For those who are coping with or caring for someone with chronic disease, support group gatherings are often the one place where others truly understand what you are experiencing.

The Gerlinger Support Group Room at the Community Health Education Center (CHEC) provides a comfortable, relaxed setting for people to gather and share information.

At support group meetings, members can be seen nodding in affirmation and understanding.

Participation in support groups can provide friendship, guidance, helpful care giving tips, new ideas, and information on local support and resources.

CHEC Class Room
Green Education Classrooms

The Green Education Classrooms, with state-of-the-art audiovisual and video conferencing capability, host various community education events and classes.

Nonprofit partner organizations are encouraged to use these spaces when offering health and wellness classes.

CHEC Kitchen
The Gehlar Wellness Kitchen

Whether you’re recovering from heart surgery, have been diagnosed with diabetes, or are just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what you eat can make a big difference.

Our classroom-kitchen allows you to meet chefs from the hospital and community and experience healthy cooking firsthand.