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$345,000 in scholarships awarded to 119 students

Jun 13, 2019

Salem Health foundations and projects committee announce scholarship recipients

Earlier this year the Salem Health Foundation, Salem Health West Valley Foundation, and the Salem Health Projects Committee accepted scholarship applications for those pursuing a career in the health care industry. 121 scholarship applications were submitted for the upcoming 2019–20 academic year.

The foundations and committee awarded scholarships to 119 people. This totals more than $345,000 — double the amount awarded in the 2018–19 academic year. The average award this year was $2,800; an $800 increase compared to last year. These increases were made to better align with escalating education expenses.

"This scholarship has done far more than just lift a financial burden,” said scholarship recipient Cody J. “It has given me hope and strengthened my determination to complete nursing school and give to others what you have so graciously given to me.”

Most of these students are pursuing degrees that will place them in direct contact with patients, such as a physician, nursing, and pharmacy degrees. Others are pursuing business degrees related to the health care industry. 

The committee considered applicants from Marion and Polk counties. These applicants ranged from high school graduates to those seeking graduate-level degrees.

  • First year students: 27 applicants totaling $75,500
  • Associate degree: 33 applicants totaling $148,000
  • Bachelor’s degree: 28 applicants totaling $85,500
  • Graduate students: 31 applicants totaling $36,750

The scholarship program began in 1968. Since then, it has awarded over $3 million to community members as well as Salem Health employees and volunteers.

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