Salem Hospital ER nurse manager Nancy Bee receives Patriot Award

by Capi Lynn, Salem Statesman Journal
Megan King wears two uniforms. She's a nurse in the emergency department at Salem Hospital, and she's a nurse with the Army Reserve's 396th Combat Support Hospital.
When she needs time off from her civilian job to fulfill her military commitment, she doesn't have to worry about pushback from her employer or supervisor, Nancy Bee.

"It's more than knowing my job is going to still be there when I come back," King said. "It's just a very positive atmosphere and environment."

She nominated Bee, nurse manager of the emergency department, for a Patriot Award through the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. The ESGR is a Department of Defense program established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between reserve component service members and their civilian employers.

"I'm so honored and touched and humbled," Bee said, "mostly because there's never any other option in my head. Soldiers come in and have orders they have to leave, and I say, 'Please be safe, thank you very much, we'll take care of it.' "

The Patriot Award reflects efforts made by employers to support citizen soldiers by offering flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, and leaves of absence if needed.

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Pictured (left to right):
Marc Knight, charge nurse
Christine Powell, assistant nurse manager
Megan King, clinical nurse
Nancy Bee, nurse manager
Amie Wittenberg, director of emergency, trauma and psychiatric services
Stephanie Banford, assistant nurse manager
Drew Morrison, clinical nurse