Diversity and inclusion
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What is IDEAL at Salem Health?

At Salem Health, we believe in Respect for People

We believe an organization demonstrating respect for people exhibits inclusion, diversity, equity, and a learning culture. 

We believe  inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people is recognized. An inclusive environment promotes a sense of belonging by valuing and respecting the talents, beliefs, and backgrounds of every individual. 

We believe  diversity is a variety of human differences: person, culture, and life experience. A diverse environment honors the unique qualities of each individual and the perspective they bring to the healthcare team. 

We believe  equity is just and fair, giving each person what they need to reach their full potential and optimal health. An equitable environment empowers each individual to participate, succeed, and thrive. 

We believe a  learning culture is where people listen, learn, continuously improve and grow. A learning culture environment nurtures meaningful dialogue, self-reflection, and positive change. 


A lesbian couple embraces with a rainbow flag. The text reads: CHANGE HAPPENS BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN.


As an organization committing to inclusion, equity, diversity, and a learning culture, we are creating systems to:

  • Facilitate a welcoming and accommodating environment
  • Address and respond to harmful words and actions, including those of our patients and visitors
  • Provide education, training and tools
  • Assess and address health care disparities
  • Advance equity for our workforce
  • Attract and recruit a diverse workforce
  • Increase diversity in leadership positions
  • Celebrate and learn from our differences