Surgery relieves years of unexplained sciatic pain

Kelly V. struggled with leg and back pain for more than 10 years—some days just a nagging ache, other days a shooting/stabbing pain that left her breathless.

She went to the doctor, but no one could ever tell her what was wrong. Worse, nothing she tried gave her any real relief.

“There were times that I was just so exhausted because I hurt so bad," she said.

Finally, she was referred to Salem Spine Center, where a spine expert reviewed her CT and MRI results and found the source of her pain—a free-floating bone compressing a nerve.

A few months later, she's post-surgery and doing really well! She can exercise with less pain and keep up with her active family.

If you’re living with unexplained pain in your back, neck, arms or legs, call your doctor for an evaluation. You can learn more about our process for diagnosing back pain here.

See Kelly's video on YouTube.

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