ER nurse volunteers beyond the hospital

Don R. has worked as a nurse for 30 years. He’s spent half of that time at the West Valley Hospital ER in Dallas.

Don discovered another way he could promote healthy lifestyles: by volunteering for the Polk Community Free Clinic.

“This is kind of an extension of my heart as a nurse just to serve and help people,” said Don, who’s volunteered each month at the clinic for the past five years.

“We’re never lacking for patients at the clinic,” he said. “If we have two or three providers, we’ll generally see between 15 and 20 patients.”

Don added, “We see a lot of people in the process of trying to find a physician through the Oregon Health Plan. We are a bridge program until they actually have a provider.”

Now nearing his retirement, Don plans to continue to support the free clinic.

“It’s affecting a lot of lives and our community is better for it,” said Don.

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