9 questions to ask your doctor when diagnosed with heart disease


making a list
Receiving a sudden diagnosis of heart disease can be scary. Understanding the specifics of your condition and the plan for treatment is important, but in the moment it can be difficult to think of the best questions to ask. Print this list of starter questions to take with you on your next appointment.

Your questions and concerns are important, no matter how small they may seem. Take the time you need to have your questions answered, and schedule additional appointments if more time is needed.

1. What can I read to learn more about this diagnosis?
What should I do if my symptoms suddenly get worse?
What treatments do you recommend?
Are there alternative treatments?
What are the side effects of the suggested treatments?
What can I do to strengthen my heart?
Should I change my diet?
Will this affect the things I like to do, like exercising or working?
Are there any support groups for this condition? 

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