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Studies indicate that a person awake for 17 consecutive hours demonstrated the judgment and reaction time of a an adult with a BAC of .10 (Nature 2007; 388:235)

Surgeons awake all night had 20 % more errors and to 14 % longer to complete a task than those who had full nights sleep.

During simulated procedures (manikin intubation) when sleep deprived emergency room MD’s took twice a long to intubate a mannequin. (Sleep 1996; 19:318-26, AHRQ; 2001: Report/Technology Assessment No. 43, 523-37, Annuals Emergency Medicine 1994; 224; 928-34)

ICU RN’s working more than 12.5 consecutive hours were twice as likely to make an error. (American Journal of Critical Care, Scott et al, 2006)

Abnormal sleep and errors more common in ICU nurses. (Chest 2009: American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting

One night of missed sleep, cognitive performance decreases 25 % from baseline and demonstrated impaired complex problem solving. (Neurology: 2005; 64: E 25-27)

Sleep deprived/fatigued health care providers compromise effective communication. (Neurosurgery: 2004; 54:925-31)

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