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Treatment options

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

This treatment also used in OSA, involves wearing a pressurized mask over your nose while you sleep. The mask is attached to a small pump that creates positive pressure and keeps your airway from collapsing. 

As with OSA it is important to use the device as directed. If you are not comfortable with your mask or the pressure seems too strong, call you sleep physician so that adjustments can be made. [Learn more]

Bilevel positive airway pressure (BIPAP)

Bilevel devices build to a higher pressure when you inhale and decrease to a lower pressure when you exhale. This treatment will boost the weak breathing pattern of central sleep apnea. 

Some Bilevel devices can be set to automatically deliver a breath if the machine detects you have not taken a breath after a set number of seconds.

Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV)

The form of positive airway pressure is for patients with central and complex sleep apnea. The machine monitors your normal breathing pattern and stores the information into a built in computer. 

After you fall asleep, the device uses pressure to normalize you breathing pattern and prevent pauses in your breathing.

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