ATTENTION: No one may enter a Salem Health clinic or hospital if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. This includes staff. Anyone entering a Salem Health facility must wear a facial mask at all times. If you are experiencing symptoms, call our COVID-19 triage line at 503-814-0099 before seeking care.
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Skin irritation or pressure sores

An ill-fitting or leaky mask means you are not getting the full air pressure you need, and the mask may be irritating your skin. A leaky mask can also release air into your eyes, causing them to become teary or dry. 

Try adjusting the straps or pads to get a better fit. Be careful not to make the straps too tight, you should be able to slide a finger between the strap and your skin. 

If you wear a nasal type mask, make sure it doesn’t sit too high on the bridge of your nose; this can direct air into your eyes and irritate them,

Daily you need to wash your mask with warm, soapy water, be sure to rinse it well. 

Washing your face at night can help ensure a better seal between the mask and your skin, thereby decreasing irritation. If your mask comes with instructions on how to use and clean it, please review them if you are having problems.

If your weight changes markedly you may need a different size mask. If you want to try a different style of mask please call your sleep physician for any updated prescription.

If you develop skin deterioration or sores where the mask touches your skin, please call your sleep physician promptly.

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