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Dry or stuffy nose

All newer CPAP devices have a heated humidifier, if your device does not have a heated humidifier please contact your sleep physician to write you a prescription and add this to your CPAP device. 

Make certain your humidifier is full of water before going to bed, adjust the temperature to your comfort. The humidifier will add moisture to the pressurized air, decreasing nasal dryness.

Using nasal saline spray (this is an over the counter item available at most pharmacies), two puffs in each nostril at bedtime and when you first wake up will help with dryness. Keeping the lining of your nose moist will decrease the dryness.

If these methods do not work your sleep physician may need to prescribe a nasal steroid spray. Please call the sleep center and request this from your sleep physician.

It’s also important that your mask fit your well; a leaky mask can dry out your nose and mouth.

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