Difficultly with forced air

You may be able to decrease the feeling of “rushing air” by using the ramp feature on the CPAP machine. 

This feature allows you to start with a low air pressure, followed by a gradual increase in the pressure to your prescribed settings as you fall asleep. 

The length of time for “ramp” is adjustable for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, allowing you time to fall asleep before the prescribed pressure is attained. 

You may use the ramp feature if you wake during the night and have trouble with the feeling of too much air.

If this doesn’t help, talk with your sleep physician about changing your prescribed pressure. Another option is changing the type of CPAP machine that you use.

For example CPAP units that auto adjusts to pressure needs (auto-CPAP). It’s important to talk with your sleep physician for this problem.

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