Prescription information

How do I request a refill for a prescription written by my Salem Health provider?

There are two ways to request a prescription refill:

1) Ask your pharmacy to send a request to your Salem Health provider.

2) Send your provider a request through your MyChart account.

Please keep in mind the following when requesting a refill:

  • We cannot accept refill requests over the telephone.
  • In most cases, we will respond to refill requests received from your pharmacy or MyChart within two business days of receiving the request.
  • If the medication prescribed by your doctor is for a chronic condition, we require that you visit her/him at least once every 12 months, according to his or her instructions.
  • Generally, prescriptions for steroids and antibiotics will only be written or refilled during an office visit with your provider. We do not accept requests for these medications through your pharmacy or MyChart.

Important information about high-risk medications

Our nation is experiencing an alarming rise in the rates of addiction, overdose and deaths related to the use of prescription medications. Sadly, some of the highest rates are found right here in Oregon.

The problems relate mostly to narcotic and psychoactive medicines intended for managing pain, depression, anxiety and other related conditions. We have a responsibility to our patients and community to do all we can to help reverse the trend and eliminate the problem.

One of the steps we have taken to address the problem is the creation of standards that apply to how we work with our patients. General standards related to prescriptions for high-risk medications:

  • If your physician determines your health condition is chronic and that your treatment plan should include a prescription for a high-risk medication, the prescription will only be provided during an office visit. In other words, requests to prescribe or refill high-risk medications as part of treating a chronic condition will not be accepted from a pharmacy, over the telephone or through MyChart.
  • Prescriptions for high-risk medications used to treat chronic conditions will cover a period of time of no longer than 90 days.
  • All patients are required to complete the following steps to receive a high-risk medication prescribed for treatment of a chronic condition: 1) Sign a high-risk medication agreement (required for the initial prescription only) 2) Be prepared to provide a urine sample while in the doctor’s office, which will be used to complete a drug screening laboratory test. Random urine drug screening tests may be performed at the discretion of the physician or nurse practitioner. Please note: The cost of these tests is the responsibility of the patient (we will bill insurance).
  • If a patient’s urine drug screening test results are inconsistent with expected results, Salem Health reserves the right to immediately terminate the doctor-patient relationship. Examples of inconsistent drug-screening test results would be the test showing the presence of illegal/recreational drugs (including marijuana) or not showing the prescription you are supposed to be taking.

What if I have a prescription written by a physician other than my Salem Health provider?

We ask that you schedule a visit to discuss this medication. We do not accept refill requests for these medications over the phone, from your pharmacy or through your MyChart account.

What if I’m a new patient and I have not had an office visit at a Salem Health medical clinic yet?

As a part of the initial visit with us, your medication needs will be evaluated. If you have prescriptions from physicians/providers outside of Salem Health, our provider will probably not make a decision about refilling these prescriptions during your first visit. He or she will need time to evaluate your medical records along with the information obtained from your initial visit. Decisions about refilling prescriptions will usually be made during your second clinic visit.

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