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Salem Health Emergency Rooms

While we hope that you never need them, we’re proud to offer emergency room (ER) services 24 hours a day, every day, in both Salem and Dallas, Oregon.

Salem, Oregon, emergency room

Salem Hospital is located at 890 Oak St. SE in Salem, Oregon. The emergency room is located in Building A, right next to the parking garage.

You are welcome to drive up to the covered entrance to drop off an ill or injured person before parking. The surface parking lot directly outside of the emergency department is also open to patients’ vehicles.

Salem Hospital's ER is a State of Oregon Level II Trauma Center, which means it provides 24-hour immediate coverage by general surgeons, as well as coverage by the specialties of orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology and critical care.

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Dallas, Oregon, emergency room

West Valley Hospital is located at 525 SE Washington St. in Dallas, Oregon. The ER entrance is at the back of the hospital and can be accessed from Clay Street.

The West Valley Hospital is a State of Oregon Level IV Trauma Center and is staffed with specially trained doctors, nurses and support staff. Patients needing specialized care not provided in Dallas will be stabilized and transferred to an appropriate facility where care can be completed.

Learn more about services at West Valley Hospital.

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Why is the wait so long?

We know that there can be a long wait for care in the ER. If your situation is not life-threatening, you may be seen faster at Salem Health Urgent Care, another local urgent care clinic or your regular doctor’s office. Salem Health Medical Clinics often have same-day appointments open, and many are accepting new patients.

Keep in mind that you will never be asked to wait longer than is safe for your condition. Patients in the ER waiting room are seen according to how dangerous their condition is — not first-come-first-served. If you have been waiting a long time and feel that your condition is getting worse, please ask a nurse for help.

In emergency, call 911

If you or someone you know is having a health crisis, call 911 immediately. Do not try to drive to the hospital yourself unless the 911 operator says it is OK.

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Salem Hospital Emergency Department


John’s heart stopped beating before he arrived at the Salem Hospital ER, but the medical staff never gave up on him.