Diabetes education

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for many years — or if you have a condition called prediabetes — we can help. Learn to monitor your blood sugar, manage your medications, plan healthy food choices, reduce the risk of complications and set goals for healthy lifestyle changes.

Services include:

  • Education for type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

  • Diabetes group classes (days, evenings and some Saturdays).

  • Individual meetings with a nurse or dietitian.

  • Sweet Moms program for pregnant women with diabetes.

A referral from a health care provider (doctor or nurse) is required for diabetes services. We’re happy to help by calling your provider for you.

Your insurance may cover diabetes education services; please contact your company for details.

Diabetes education classes

This four-class series covers how to monitor your blood sugar, understand the role of insulin, recognize and control the symptoms of high and low blood sugar, manage your medications, plan healthy meals, reduce the risk of diabetes complications and more. Call 503-814-6990 to register.

Classes are taught by experienced diabetes educators, including nurses and dietitians. Class enrollment includes four classes and two individual appointments, one with the nurse and one with the dietitian.

Individual appointments

One-on-one appointments are available with a dietitian or nurse to provide personalized diabetes instruction or reinforce specific topics or skills.

If your health condition makes attending class difficult, individual appointments may be more appropriate for you.

Diabetes Education Consult Form

Sweet Moms

Salem Hospital's Sweet Moms program is an educational program for women who are managing diabetes during pregnancy. More information is available through our Family Birth Center.

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