Salem Health Foundation and High Street Hustle Heart Fund buy 100+ defibrillators for community

The new defibrillators will be accessible to over 90 percent of the city.

The Salem Health Foundation and High Street Hustle Heart Fund have partnered to donate $85,000 to the Salem Fire Foundation for the purchase of 106 Automated External Defibrillators that will be placed throughout the community. 

An AED is a portable, electronic device used in sudden cardiac arrest emergencies to shock the heart and restore a regular heartbeat. The SFF has been working in tandem with its eighth grade CPR training program and PulsePoint mobile app to connect sufferers of sudden cardiac events with CPR-trained citizens and a nearby AED.

“CPR and early defibrillation with an AED during a cardiac arrest triples your chance for survival,” says Alex Rhoten, president, Salem Fire Foundation.

There are currently more than 6,000 local CPR-ready users of the PulsePoint app and 217 publicly-available AEDs positioned throughout the Salem community. As a result 47 percent of all CPR/CHEST calls in 2017 occurred within 1/4 mile of an available AED. Bystanders were able to put the AED to use about 15 percent of the time. The overall save rate in Salem is 57 percent.

“Having AEDs available when needed is often the difference between life and death for someone experiencing a cardiac event,” says Susan Gallagher, co-owner of Gallagher Fitness Resources. “We’re happy to allocate these funds toward increasing AED coverage in our community.”

Gallagher Fitness Resources, Salem’s running and walking store, is the founder and promoter of the High Street Hustle, which funds the High Street Hustle Heart Fund through Salem Health Foundation. Gallagher Fitness’ annual event – the High Street Hustle – has brought 1,100 people together and raised an impressive $77k for the Salem Health Foundation to promote heart disease awareness and prevention. Proceeds to date have supported cardiovascular training equipment, such as recumbent bikes and treadmills, heart monitors, digital scales, blood pressure cuffs and information on how people can live healthy lives, even with heart failure. For more information about Gallagher Fitness Resources, call 503-364-4198 or go to

The Aug. 8 deadline to register for the 4th Annual High Street Hustle on Aug. 11 is approaching, but there’s still time! Click here to register or click here to volunteer.

“Partnering with High Street Hustle Heart Fund has been extremely rewarding,” says Lisa Roth, director, Salem Health Foundation.

Salem Health Foundation raises donations from the community and supports a wide range of projects, programs and equipment that are not otherwise included in normal operating budgets. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees made up of business, civic and philanthropic leaders. The trustees raise funds and formulate long-range goals and policies, while staff manage day-to-day operations. For more details about the Foundation’s work, call 503-814-1990 or email:

The Salem Fire Foundation is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to assisting the Salem Fire Department achieve its core mission of saving lives through the funding of the following programs: Community Outreach and Engagement in CPR and AED Training, Employee Recognition and Development, Fire Prevention and Risk Awareness, Service Enhancements, Assistance for Injured Firefighters and their Families, and Special Projects. For complete information, or to make a donation please contact Salem Fire Foundation, P.O. Box 2920, Salem, OR  97308-2920, 503-371-7457,