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Nuclear medicine technologist

Nuclear medicine imaging creates diagnostic images by administering radiopharmaceuticals to patients and monitoring the areas in the body that the drug localizes to detect abnormalities. 

Nuclear Medicine technologists must administer these drugs to patients, who can be of any age, and must use a gamma camera to produce images for a Physician to interpret.


Prior to radioactive material dosing, Nuclear Medicine technologists must screen patients, inquire about their clinical history and any interfering medications, and then perform injections of IV setups to minimize patient discomfort, infiltration or infection. 

They must also perform quality control and document the administration of the pharmaceuticals for each patient. 

To take the scans, technologists must be capable of operating state of the art Nuclear Medicine gamma cameras, probe and computer systems, film processors, survey meters, and other technical supportive devices.


Nuclear Medicine technologists must interact effectively with patients to have them understand the procedure.  They must also communicate well with co-workers, Radiation Therapists, Physicians, and hospital staff.


A bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Medicine is required.


Oregon Institute of Technology


Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Exam