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Certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA)

COTAs assist the Occupational Therapist in the implementation of occupational therapy services. They provide age specific treatment as directed by the OT, focusing on activities to develop and restore function.

These rehabilitation services are developed in a treatment plant to increase the patient’s quality of life and improve their day to day activities. 


COTAs must be team-oriented, goal specific, and possess good communication skills to effectively help their patients, demonstrating an ability to follow and assist in the development of a team treatment plan utilizing the team goals and objective findings. 

They must also actively participate in discharge planning by anticipating needs, collaborating with other members of the health care team and providing appropriate patient and caregiver training regarding care, home programs and use of equipment.


They must communicate well with their rehabilitation team, including Occupational Therapists, and program managers.  They must also interact closely with patients, and if necessary, communicate with caregivers to provide continued treatment.


An Associate’s degree from an accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant program as well as certification is required.


Unfortunately, there are currently no accredited programs in Oregon.
Washington: Green River Community College


Occupational Therapy Assistant Exam


Reference: United States Department of Labor