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Radiology technologist

A Radiology Technologist's job is fast-paced and changes from day to day. They interact with patients from the hospital as well as outpatients and take x-rays in the Imaging department, in Surgery, in the Emergency Room, or in patient's rooms.

They combine these interpersonal skills with their scientific knowledge and must be able to understand the technology to achieve a proper x-ray image.


Their main duty is to take x-rays and check the alignment of the pictures, although through their job, they learn how to recognize critical problems.

They then send the x-ray scans to the Radiologist who reads the x-rays to diagnose the patient. They rotate between the OR, Fluoroscopy, and general areas to experience different procedures and practices.


They work with Transporters, Physicians in the OR and on the floor, Physician Assistants, Radiologists, Unit Clerks, Nurses, and other Radiology Technologists, along with both inpatient and outpatients.


To be a Radiology Technologist: an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or military certificate in diagnostic imaging is required.


Oregon Institute of Technology

Linn-Benton Community College


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