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Radiation therapist

Radiation therapists are part of an oncology team that works towards treating cancer in patients. 

They must work with the Imaging department to determine the location of the cancer and then can administer treatment through machines called linear accelerators that can help to shrink or eliminate cancerous tumors. 

Cancer can occur at any age and Radiation Therapists must have great interpersonal skills and understand how to apply age-specific treatment for individual patients.


Radiation therapists perform radiation treatments as prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist and as directed by the Radiation Physicist and Dosimetrist.

They instruct patients of treatment procedures, reinforcing the Radiation Oncologist's advice, utilize digital cameras for photographing treatment position and field borders, and make modifications as directed by the Physician.

They may also perform dosage calculations, simulations, prepare films for custom block formation, and do various tasks as directed by the Radiation Oncologist and Dosimetrist. 


Radiation therapists work under the Technical Supervisor, and must work well with their oncology team including the Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Physicist, Dosimetrists and Nurses, as well as with Imaging Technologists to administer treatment. 

Depending on the patient’s age, they must not only interact with the patient, but also their family and caregivers.


A bachelor’s degree in Radiation Therapy as well as certification is required.


Oregon Health & Science University


Radiation Therapy Certification Exam