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Mammography technologist

Mammography technologists interact with patients to take routine mammograms, or use x-ray images to detect possible tumors in the breast. 

They mainly interact with female adult patients, and mammography is important as one of the first steps in detecting breast cancer. 

They must work well with patients while ensuring their quality diagnostic exams are done in a safe manner.


Mammography Technologists must select appropriate exposure factors for each patient to ensure minimum radiation exposure, and use their technical knowledge to obtain the best x-ray image, at times, gathering additional patient information and images beyond standard protocol if necessary. 

In this way, they must have quick problem-solving skills to conduct a thorough examination.  They must also be physically capable of lifting heavy equipment and must have good perception to review x-ray images for quality control.


Along with interacting with patients, they must communicate effectively with Physicians, especially Radiologists who read the scans, co-workers including other Mammography Technologists and Transporters, and hospital staff.


To be a Mammography Technologist, an associate's degree, bachelor’s degree, or military certificate in diagnotic imaging is required.


Oregon Institute of Technology

Linn-Benton Community College


Mammography Technology Registry Test