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Diagnostic medical sonography (ultrasound) technologist

An ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave that is reflected in various patterns by different organs. 

Medical Sonography technologists take ultrasound images in patients of all ages to detect abnormalities in various parts of the body or to observe fetal development.


Medical Sonography technologists must evaluate patient needs and acoustic characteristics to select and adjust equipment to provide optimal sonographic evaluation requested by the Radiologist. 

Since their population of patients comes from all ages, they must demonstrate the ability to use problem solving skills to tailor exams to meet the specific needs of neonatal, pediatric, adolescent and/or geriatric patients.

They can correlate sonographic findings with clinical findings and results of previous imaging exams and can assists Physician as needed with proper supplies and equipment during invasive procedures.


They interact with patients, and must communicate effectively with Physicians, especially Radiologists who read the scans, co-workers including other Medical Sonography technologists and Transporters, and hospital staff.


A bachelor’s degree in Ultrasound is required.


Oregon Institute of Technology


Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology Registry Test