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Angiography technologist

Angiography is a procedure which uses x-ray images to study blood vessels, and Physicians may require these to detect abnormalities in the vessels or different organs, or to observe the positioning of inserted shunts placed into the vessels. 

Angiography technologists mainly work with adult patients and must performs all phases of angiographic procedures including patient monitoring and intervention, scrubbing, circulating, positioning, filming, and data entry.


Angiography technologists must possess and use knowledge to obtain a technically diagnostic angiogram in accordance with Physician needs and provide the best care for the patient. 

They must have knowledge of new and current technology, and be able to operate and trouble-shoot all equipment in the department, maintaining sterile technique throughout.

They can also administer medical gases and appropriate pharmacological medications under direct Physician supervision. 


They interact with patients, and must communicate effectively with Physicians, especially Radiologists who read the scans, co-workers including other Angiography Technologists and Transporters, and hospital staff.


After a Bachelor’s degree in Radiology Technology, training in the Angiography department as well as completion of a written exam is required.


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Angiography Technologist Exam