Career Exploration Program


Medical records clerk

The Medical Records Clerk maintains the Health Information Management department functions through pulling, copying/scanning, filing, assemble, analysis and retrieving patient health records. They respond to releases for request of medical information and assist Physicians with chart completion.


They analyze all discharged inpatient, observations, outpatient, surgery, and other records with approved analysis guidelines to determine deficiencies using EPIC Chart Deficiency Tracking, along with Deficiency Detective to enter incomplete information.

They work with the Emergency Department by assembling and analyzing ED records at high accuracy and productivity and can research ED loose sheets for patient medical record number using different computer-based programs.

In the department, they answer and respond to phone calls regarding patient care release of information and can also retrieve discharged medical records from nursing units.


Not only do they interact with patients, Physicians, nursing units, and other departments like psychology and rehabilitation in the hospital, they also communicate with insurance companies and state departments like the District Attorney Office or Disability Services.


Medical Record Clerks must have an in depth comprehension of medical terminology and human anatomy and physiology and well developed computer skills using Word and Excel.  Certification as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) is preferred.




Reference: United States Department of Labor