When your car’s engine misfires, you take it to an expert. The same should be true of your heart.

Whether your cardiovascular system is due for a tune-up or needs a complete overhaul, our physicians and staff have the know-how to get you running on all cylinders again.

Nurse with patient and familyThe team at the Salem Health Heart & Vascular Institute—a collaboration of Salem Hospital and area primary care, cardiac and vascular specialists offer comprehensive treatment for irregular heart rhythms, blockages in the heart, peripheral vascular disease and more.

We want you to be prepared for whatever treatment path you take. Part of that preparation is understanding the care you will receive.

You can use the links on the left to explore the different types of heart and vascular (vein) procedures done at the hospital, as well as learning more about clinical trials and rehabilitation options after surgery.


Women and Heart Disease

Women and Heart Disease

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Heart & Vascular Institute


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