Pain rehabilitation

Salem Health’s 11-week multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation program (MDPR for short) is like nothing else available in the area. 

We understand that pain affects every aspect of your life: mental, physical, social and spiritual. When you say it hurts, we believe you. MDPR is made up of a variety of treatments that work together to give you relief:


Getting started

Once you are referred to the pain rehabilitation program by your primary care or pain management provider, a spine specialist or your physiatrist, our team will assess your condition and offer a treatment plan.

For most of the program you’ll have two half-day appointments per week. You’ll also have a case manager assigned to help you navigate the program and keep your doctor up-to-date on your progress.


Evaluation process

When you arrive, your therapists will want to hear how pain affects your family, life and work. They will help you develop goals—activities that you are determined to do—and work with you to form a plan to reach these goals.

Therapists will look at your core stability, your flexibility, and your strength and stamina from a physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental perspective.

Physically, they may look at your posture, muscle tension and conditioning.

Emotionally and spiritually, they may look at behavioral habits, your understanding of your condition, how pain is impacting your relationships, whether depression or anxiety may be complicating your situation, and what coping strategies you use to manage your condition.

Environmentally, they will consider your support system, your work or home environment, time management and tools that may assist you in your daily activities.


Contact us

If you are interested in enrolling in this this life-changing program, please call the Salem Health Rehabilitation Center at 503-561-5986 and ask to speak to our MDPR case manager.

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