Claire O’Brien, MD moves to care management

See what Dr. O’Brien plans to bring to care management as physician advisor

By Claire O’Brien, MD, chief medical information officer

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking a full-time position with our care management team as their physician advisor, beginning on Monday, May 27. I worked previously in a similar capacity prior to taking on my CMIO role, three years ago. I was fortunate to be able to keep some of my care management duties when I became the CMIO, but have recently discovered that balancing both roles is no longer feasible.

I am looking forward to devoting my attention to ensure proper use of resources, appropriate documentation for coding purposes and correct patient status from the moment of admission. Additionally, I want to help keep our medical staff well informed as to how to make utilization decisions. Denial of payment from insurance companies has become increasingly frequent, such that an advisor is sorely needed to help secure payment. I am excited to start making these challenges visible and helping us advance our practice.

If you have IS-related questions, I will still be available to answer or direct you to an answer for a transition period.

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