ATTENTION: If you think you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, call our COVID-19 triage line at 503-814-0099 before entering a Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics facility. This includes staff. Anyone at a Salem Health facility (inside or outside) must wear a facial mask at all times.
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No-park days return for employees; no change for providers

Guidelines insure safety during shuttle transport

By Hannah Bauer, facilities development project consultant

As an FYI, employee no-park days and the shuttle program returned on Aug. 11 under guidelines from Salem Health infection prevention specialists.

Provider parking remains the same. Continue to follow the previously communicated guidelines. When parking under Building A, be sure to park only in spots labeled “Physician parking.” Do not park in spaces designated for other uses, including those marked “reserved.”

We are currently in a test of change to help reduce the number of patients and visitors who inadvertently park in provider parking.

For staff shuttle riders, our requirements ensure that riders are pre-screened and remain masked for the entire ride, since a six-foot distance cannot necessarily be maintained. To review the guidelines, click here and log in with your Epic username and password.   

The parking and transportation team closely manages our complex parking supply across campus. We are able to use internal communication and monetary fines to enforce parking rules for those who work here, but have to use a different system for patients and visitors. Our goal is to proactively redirect patients while minimizing frustration. We appreciate your understanding. If you have questions about parking, please call 503-814-7275 or email

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