Does your SmartPhrase contain PHI | Common Ground | Oct. 13, 2019
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Does your SmartPhrase contain PHI?

Recent HIPAA violation sparks important reminders

By Sue Kathy Xiong, corporate integrity and safety manager

If you’ve repeatedly typed the same block of text while charting, you may have created a SmartPhrase (also known as Dot-Phrase) to save time by letting you insert specific text by typing a short abbreviation.

Help us prevent a breach in patient privacy by following these steps when creating or using a SmartPhrase:

  • Do not copy and paste protected health information from another patient’s chart when creating the SmartPhrase.
  • Complete a quality check to ensure that PHI is not inadvertently copied from another patient’s chart.
  • If you find PHI in the SmartPhrase, notify the Solution Center. Incude the name of the SmartPhrase.


Contact the Corporate Integrity Department: Ellen Hampton 503-814-2828 or Sue Xiong, 503-814-2826.

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