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Epic Foundation Phase I go-live coming up!

Epic upgrade will include a few changes for Epic users

The completion of Phase I in our Epic Foundation project is just around the corner — Sept. 5 is the day the new features go live!

There will not be a downtime required for this go-live. The new features will be loaded into the system starting at 9 a.m. Around 10 a.m., you will receive a prompt on your computer to close all the way out of Epic and relaunch from the desktop icon. You will then be able to access the new items.

Only a few changes in scope for Phase I directly affect physicians. 

  • MD Overview Summary Report:  The current MD Summary will not be the new default report when logged in as Medical Staff. 
    • The new default is a significant improvement and is now called MD Overview Summary Report. 
      • It should be more useful than the current version, since it will have information relevant to a provider’s workflow. 
      • It will also have embedded links that will take you to pertinent sections of the chart (ex: I/Os, doc flow sheets, etc.), so you can navigate more easily. 
    • You will still have access to the current version, but will have to use the ‘wrench’ to make it your default report.   
  • Orderset cleanup has begun – Ordersets that have not been used within the past year will be retired (some exceptions were made for rare ordersets, and for those that were newly created, etc.).
  • Tip sheets can be found on Radar and under the Epic tab in our intranet. Go to the Intranet home page, choose ‘Epic’ from the purple bar at the top of the screen, then go to ‘Epic Foundation Station’ or click here and log in

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