Explore Oregon with colleagues by motorcycle | Common Ground | July 8, 2018
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Explore Oregon with colleagues by motorcycle

Join group to escape from rectangular reality

By Maurice Collada, MD

Do you enjoy the freedom of exploring Oregon on a motorcycle? Join the new Motorcycle Owners Group.

Motorcycle riding is the sense of independence, the sense of freedom, the treasured sense of communing with our environment. It’s the sense of getting away from the rectangular, or square boxes we call TV, computer monitors, iPads or anything else that is virtual.

Email Mauricio@CubanisimoVineyards.com or sign up on a sheet placed in the main physicians’ lounge, as well as the women’s and men's dressing rooms. After the first excursion, members are eager to plan the next, hopefully in August – don’t get left behind.

All members are fully aware of the dangers of this sport, but enjoy the sense of freedom that comes from riding through nature's magical landscapes.

Welcome all interested!

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